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Clone Wars Hierarchy(Link)

Hierarchy Rules
1.1- All clones/base ops/Jedi are under the control of the superiors in their column (ie. A Clone CPT is above a Clone LT, and a Jedi General is above a Jedi Knight V). If two superiors give an order, then the order of the highest rank clone/base ops/Jedi must be followed over the order of the lower rank clone.
1.2- Clones enlisted and NCOs do not have authority over base operations or Jedi. Clone officers have authority over base operation/Jedi of lower rank unless it is in an area of specialty of that group (ie. Clone officers may not order base operations what to do regarding the medical bay)
         1.2A- Chancellor Palpatine and Clone Generals have authority over everyone in the galactic empire and may override orders of anyone.
         1.2B- The rank of “Clone General” is only for Executive & High staff
1.3- Jedi have authority over all clones of equal or lower rank unless it is in an area of specialty of that group (ie. Jedi Generals may not order base operations what to do about dealing with the defcons). Battalion Jedi may be given more authority over clones in their battalion if the Battalion commander authorizes said power. If granted, they do not have more authority over other battalions, only the one they are a part of.
1.4- Base operations have no authority over Jedi or clones unless it pertains to the base or base ops duties (ie. Flying, defcons, repairs, etc.). Base operations commanders have equivalent authority to their clone counterpart, allowing them to give orders to clones of lower rank for non-base ops specific things (ie. a lieutenant commander may order a clone captain to do something non-base related).
1.5- During DEFCON 2, base operations have authority over every one of equal or lower rank (ie. A 2lt may order a Clone 2lt or Jedi Knight V what to do).

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