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Clone Wars Roleplay Rules

Section 1- General Rules

  1. Have fun! Our servers are all about having fun, above all else. We want this to be a place where you can get enjoyment out of gaming, unlike many other servers. That's why we limit VIP jobs to certain named characters that have no true impact on your progression in our servers (A named battalion commander would never be VIP because that would limit progression to VIP only, and that's no fun!)
  2. Actually Roleplay and have fun doing it! This server is all about people having the opportunity to have fun, so do what you came here to do and roleplay! If there are downtimes, use the resources provided to start-up roleplay! Every situation should try and be roleplayed if possible, even minging and RDMing (If they become too excessive and clearly are not roleplay, then contact staff, but don't contact staff over something that can be handled in roleplay). If you can't find something to do, then contact a higher up or a staff member and ask them to start something.
    1. Do NOT ruin some else's roleplay! If you believe someone is minging and not roleplaying, contact a staff member, don't ruin their fun for them, that's staff's job 😂
    2. Try and keep RP relevant to the clone wars and or star wars
    3. Roleplaying is not an excuse to mass RDM or mass minge, but killing people can be allowed if there is a roleplay reason behind it (Shock may still punish you, but staff are not always needed for minging and RDM)
  3. Do not RDM; RDM and killing are two separate things
    1. RDM is the act of killing someone without reason, this includes enemies
    2. Killing someone is allowed as long as there is a valid roleplay reason (ie. someone is trying to murder you)
  4. Do not FailRP (We are semi-serious, so have fun, but don't excessively minge)
  5. Do not disrespect anyone (Racism, sexism, discrimination, hate speech, etc. is not tolerated)
    1. Disrespect towards another player in-character is ok as long as it is solely in character and the other person does not take offense to it, and it does not include racism, sexism, etc.
    2. Disrespecting a higher up is an arrestable offense, so expect to be arrested if caught doing so.
  6. Do not use exploits/cheats/glitches.
  7. Follow orders from higher-ups. If orders from two different superiors conflict, follow those of the higher-ranked. If both are of equal rank, follow the orders of the more qualified person (ie. A base ops' orders about generator room vs. a 501st's orders about generator room)
  8. Follow the republic hierarchy at all times unless given permission otherwise.
  9. Have all weapons holstered on DEFCON 6 unless given permission otherwise
  10. Do not ask for promotions, whitelists for jobs you do not have permission for
  11. Do not destroy tactical insertions unless given permission to
  12. Never interfere with training unless you are a higher ranking trainer (ie. trainer manager, trainer officer)
  13. Permission to Speak (PTS) may not be broken except for high-ranking personnel
    1. High-ranking personnel include: Battalion Commander+, Base Operations Commander+, Jedi Master+, Chancellor Palpatine and Clone Generals
  14. Only the speaker at a DB or the person who called PTS may give PTS
  15. DO NOT touch the base alarm button or any other base buttons unless given permission by Base Operations or a high command member
  16. Do not switch jobs in order to get out of a roleplay situation. This is failRP
  17. You must be in discord if you are in a battalion, base operations or Jedi

Section 2- DEFCONS

  1. Base Operations are in charge of DEFCONS and their decision for a DEFCON may not be overwritten unless by a Marshal Commander+
  2. If no Base Operations are present, then the next highest ranking calls DEFCONS (Clone or Jedi)
  3. During DEFCON 2, Medical Personnel should move injured personnel to MHB and evacuate to the republic outpost. One battalion will be assigned Medical Guard duty to ensure that Medical Personnel makes it to MHB and evacuate.
  4. During DEFCON 1, Base Operations should transfer all base data to a server cart and bring the server cart to the republic outpost. 
  • DEFCON 5- Normal state, weapons holstered or away
  • DEFCON 4- High alert, weapons out and patrolling the base
  • DEFCON 3- Battalions report to designated Battlestations
  • DEFCON 2- Battalions defend the Main Hangar, Generator Room & Command Center. 
  • DEFCON 1- All personnel should evacuate the base and regroup at the Republic Outpost.

Section 3- Debrief (DB) Rules

  1. PTS is automatically activated during debriefs once a speaker takes the stage and begins talking
  2. Only the speaker at a Debrief may give PTS once PTS has been activated
  3. You may not leave Debrief once you are inside unless you are a BCMD+ or equivalent or with a valid reason (You must clear your reason with a CG before you leave, and do not interrupt Debrief to clear your reason)

Section 4- Clone Rules

Section 5- Base Operations Rules

Section 6- Jedi Rules

Section 7- Staff Rules

Section 8- Game Master Rules



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