Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
Edited: Dec 22, 2019

Terms of Service

By visiting this site, you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy for Firefall Networks. 

  1. Privacy Policy
    1. Firefall Networks reserves the right to collect information that is given when a user signs up or enters their information into anything associated with Firefall Networks.
    2. Firefall Networks does not knowingly collect information from persons below the age of 13.
    3. Firefall Networks does not send personal information to any third party sources, and the information that is collected is only used on Firefall Networks unless given permission otherwise.
  2. Terms
    1. Firefall Networks reserves the right to remove you from the community at any point in time for any reason.
    2. Attempting, or successfully accessing parts of the website that you were not given permission to can result in being permanently removed from the community as well as legal action if necessary.